female geyser

Addicted to squirting orgasms, and in particular those I experience with the sexiest woman on the planet: my girlfriend.

The power of being relaxed

I can tell you something out of my own experience. The most powerful key to a woman’s orgasm - and even more so to her squirting pleasures - is relaxation. If you haven’t already had the luxury to give your wife or girlfriend a squirting orgasm, the summer might be the best time to give it a try. On vacation, without all the pressure that is on most women’s shoulder throughout everyday life, chances are she will be able to actually get there.

I don’t want to get to technical here in my blog, and there are plenty of other places on the internet where you can find “g-spot instruction” videos. But I do like to share my experiences with you.

We have been out of town for more than a week, and we’ve had insanely good sex every afternoon. We both prefer to do it during the siesta - late in the night, chances are we are both too tired. Mornings are cosy, but none of us experience our best orgasms during those hours. So… mid-day or afternoons are the best. For us. I guess we’re all different.

So, as those of you who follow this blog already knows, my woman has the ability to squirt big time during orgasm which has added a whole new, and I should add essential, quality to our sex life. So during the past week, speaking of relaxation and being allowed to just enjoy all the pleasures of being madly in love and allowing herself to enjoy being the slut she secretly always wanted to be (if that sounds offensive to anyone I can understand that, but this is just the actual truth), she has been just incredible in bed.

Focusing on the squirting itself - although most of the time our “sessions” certainly involve a lot of other wonderful things - this week her pussy has just been crazily overflowing with juices. Knowing that later in the afternoon she will get what she wants, I guess excitement slowly built up through the days and when we finally got back together in the hotel room, she has been trembling and crying for my tongue, fingers and cock. Her favorite position is to half-sit/half-lie down, and spread her legs as much as possible. I usually dive just into the wonderful pleasures of tickling and playing with her clitoris, and this week - and this has to do with the relaxation I was talking about earlier - she was beginning to squirt only after perhaps 30 seconds. I can’t tell you how excited I was about this. I didn’t even have to massage her g-spot, all I had to do was to play with her pussy very lightly and gently, teasing her. Her clean shaved and shiny pussy would grow twice as big in just a few seconds, quickly swelling up and “speaking” to me… I also used my fingers to tickle her clitoris much more than usual - variation was the key. Sometimes just tickle with the tongue, then go a little firmer with the fingers.

We would go on for about an hour or so. Her pussy was constantly flowing with juices, and sometimes she would squirt about half a cup or so… On one occasion, I used my cock to massage her clitoris and she twisted her body and squirted a huge dose of clear liquid straight up half a meter in the air… Later, as I fucked her slowly and deeply, still in the same position, she squirted for about 20 seconds as I went in and out of her. This was the first time ever she actually squirted as I was fucking her… insanely exciting, I have to say.

Her orgasms would go on for many minutes but the squirting would not be as “violent” as usual, of course given the fact that she had been squirting constantly for about one hour prior to reaching the heights of pleasure. That said, the orgasm itself, with me staying firmly on her g-spot throughout the whole orgasm, was - in her own words - incredibly satisfying and relieving.

And so… after giving her these orgasms I would usually either fuck her hard, preferably from behind, or I would go over to her face and let her give me one of her amazing blow-jobs with a big and nasty facial. The pleasure of “giving back” and drench her beautiful face in my sticky cum, after she has been squirting for one hour, is just insanely cool. She usually begs me to do it, so don’t worry… that’s exactly what she wants. Remember that I mentioned earlier that she allows herself to be a slut? I don’t complain.

The harder, the better?

After a long day at work, I was not sure that she would be willing to do it but when I came up from the cellar after fulfilling some insanely boring tasks, I was clearly in for something much more exciting.

There she was sitting in the bed, having spread her long, beautiful, shiny legs - just stretching them a little bit to give me that sexy angle on the feet (yes, she knows exactly what to do…) - totally naked, waiting for me. “I want you to give me one of those orgasms you’ve been so good at lately,” she said. Smiling. Sitting there with confidence and expectations, ready to wet the towel she had put under her beautiful ass.

I was, of course, ready for such an assignment right away and focused my attention on those sexy legs to begin with… So soft and long. Sometimes she likes to put on one of her +100 high heels in bed, but for this occasion: all aux naturelle. She has a very sensitive spot on her feet which always arouses her, so I caressed that part of her feet as I slowly moved towards her vagina. It took me about five seconds of licking extremely softly, almost like I didn’t touch her with my tongue at all, to make her groan and ask for more. Her pussy swollened up immediately and as I continued to massage her feet softly and lick her clitoris carefully, small amounts of warm, tasty liquid pushed out of her. Just small doses that she just couldn’t hold back.

Her pussy was so swollen and so wet and I was so aroused myself that I just had to thrust my cock inside of her. For a few minutes I fucked her very deep but not too hard, and she was groaning and making all kinds of sounds, assuring that she found my cock to be doing the most wonderful things for her. Her legs spread, she used her own hands to spread her buttocks and widen her pussy as much as possible as my huge, stiff cock went in and out. The good thing about this is that I slowly began to massage her g-spot with my cock and now was the time to exit her and get back to work with my fingers and my tongue.

It took about ten minutes for her to reach her orgasm. This time around, I played with her g-spot very softly to begin with - her pussy was so swollen that my fingers could hardly get to the right place, but patience and the ability to “listen to her body” made it possible for me to reach the “garden of pleasure” in a few minutes… She said that it felt so extremely wonderful, but also said… “not too hard”… and I discovered that she likes the movement to be slow. Fingers in, then retracting slowly with fingers pointed upwards and with a certain amount of pressure towards her g-spot area.

I was licking her clitoris all the time, but not too much, and not too hard.

Then… when she was about to reach the higher states of pleasure… I began to switch over to a harder treatment. The sound she made when I gave her that first, more intense push with my fingers on her g-spot was sooooo cool. There was no question about it: I was clearly doing the right thing. I continued to lick her swollen clitoris - big as a hazelnut - and my fingers moved harder and firmer - not so much in and out, more kind of applying a rhythmic pressure on her g-spot. Harder and harder, quicker and quicker, steady motion… and she reached her orgasm. Wow, did she reach her orgasm!

She was crying for 30 seconds as I continued to use my fingers and massage her g-spot while I was just tickling her clitoris with my tongue. She had one of here longest orgasms ever, and I was determined not to retract my fingers from her pussy until it really forced me to. If it was swollen before, what happened know was that it literally pushed my fingers out. It was followed by the most fantastic squirting, the first “portion” being expelled from her pussy for 10 seconds without a break - a thick beam of clear pussy liquid that she pushed out of her as she groaned and twisted her body in all directions… A short break, and a little tickle on the clitoris… and there came the second squirt, again lasting for many seconds. For the third and fourth my appetite was really wettened, so I decided to dive into it and swallowed all of the rest of her juices. It tastes wonderfully, so clean and fresh.

After this experience, she was totally exhausted but turned around, positioning herself doggy style, spreading her legs, shaking her tight ass and using her fingers to spread her pussy for me. “Come on now, love of my life… it’s your turn now…”